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Physics Educational Equipments:
Demonstration Television (Black & White) Digital Conductivity Meter Thermistor Characteristics Apparatus Charging & Discharging of Condenser Resistivity of Semiconductors by Four Probe Method at Different Temperatures and Determination of Band-Gap Apparatus To draw Spectral Fixed Voltage I.C. Regulated Dual Power Supply V R Tube Characteristics Digital Panel Meters DC Current Study of 4 Bit Adder and Sub-tractor Verification of truth tables of Logic gates using NAND Gate Dial Type Resistance Boxes Standard Resistance Verification of Booleon Identities & Demorgan"s Theorems High Voltage Insulation Break Down Tester Digital pH/mV Meter 8085 Microprocessor Training Kit Digital L.C.R. METER Digital Infrared Moisture System LCR Resonance Apparatus (Series & Parallel) Mosfet Characteristics Apparatus Helium Neon Laser (He.Ne. Laser) Logic Gates Experiment Characteristics & Applications Thyristors Digital Trainer Kit to Verify Adders & Sub-tractors using OR Demonstration Model for Experiments of MW Radio Circuits Cell Tester Resistance Coil High Voltage Power Supply Decimal to Binary Encoder using NAND gates Study of Transistor Amplifier Circuits Distortion Factor Meter Photo Multiplier Tube 931 with Housing Characteristics of Opto Electronic Devices Kit Ammeters Oscilloscope 10 MHz Azimuthal Angle & Stopping Potential of given Photovoltaic Cell Battery Eliminators Digital Panel Meters AC Power Factor Meter Electrodynamic Type DC Ammeters & Voltmeters High Meg Resistance Box Power Supply for Millikan's Oil Drop Apparatus Photoelectric Relay Apparatus Digital Multimeter Student Power Supply for Electroforsis Experiment Work Function of Diode/Richardson's Equation Kit Baliestic Galvanometer Reflecting Digital Trainer to Verify Half Adder using OR Diac Characteristics Apparatus
Physics Electronics Equipments:

Manufacturers, Exporters & OEM Suppliers for Physics Electronics Educational Equipments & Training Products.

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